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Updated: Dec 14, 2020

There are different levels & perceptions of connection, to the soul, to other people, to nature, and connection to the universe itself & our everlasting existence.

At the very core of our being we are energy, the same energy that makes up the entirety of the universe & that within it. This is the origin of our soul & fuels our individual consciousness & ability to manifest physically. This theory is present in many cultures where they believe that everything comes from the same place known as source, God, spirit or the collective knowing. It is where all that is, resides. Existing outside of what we perceivably call time & space where everything can be accessed.

If we are indeed made from the same substance that all things derive, than what we see, feel, hear & know in this life is a physical manifestation of that energy. This would mean that rocks, plants & animals, in fact everything living or not is energetically a facet of the original source. This is a difficult concept to wrap your head around. A big belief that humans have is that we are more important than the things around us… how can a rock be the same as me?

You can see the ramifications of knowing this because it would mean everything we do or say to others, is in part being done to ourselves. This is aligned with a lot of spiritual beliefs about karma & the balance of energy; positivity begets positivity. Which brings me to my next point: once we understand that we are energetic beings directly connected to everything around us, we can then see the power we have energetically over everyone & everything we interact with.

In essence we are a physical body operated by an energetic body or soul that is connected to all energy in existence, which as I said operates outside of space & time. This means everything we feel, think, do & say has an impact upon our selves & all that surrounds us even without direct physical interaction. Everyone is aware of the phenomenon of how the emotional state of another person can effect our own, or to receive a phone call from the person you were just thinking about. It even explains how even though a person has passed, we are still able to interact with them on an energetic level.

What an amazing power this is! One that can be used for incredible love or hate. If our energetic body is capable of manifesting physical things than it would go without saying that what you put out into the world creates your reality.

So ask yourself, what kind of reality are you creating? What thoughts, words & actions are you sending into the world? Do you spend most of your time energetically dwelling on pain, anger & fear, or do you focus on love, respect & growth?

Whatever reality you may want for yourself, know that you have the power to create it!

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