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Mentoring Sessions

For those who are at the beginning of their own spiritual awakening and journey towards a deeper understanding of their own personal intuitive gifts and how best to develop and channel them towards a higher calling. These mentoring sessions are catered particularly for those who are interested in integrating intuition into their daily life or to become a professional intuitive. These can include but not limited to:

-          Healers and Lightworkers

-          Spiritual Development and Managing Energy

-          Psychic Development

-          Mediumship

Sessions are catered to what you feel you are most drawn to, establishing personal or professional goals for your own spiritual development. I take a balanced and open approach to my mentoring style which is the belief that there is no one right way to “become a psychic or healer”. More so I channel what is most needed for your personal journey, along with the knowledge and skills I have learned along my own intuitive development.

I take a holistic approach meaning that expansion happens within the soul; the non-physical part of us that is connected to a greater understanding, the mind; psychological understanding and belief systems, as well as the body; what is happening withing our physical environment, biology, and chemical make-up.


Sessions are 1 hour long. You can choose to purchase 1 session at a time or if you wish to have multiple sessions you can purchase in lots of 3 or 6.

1 x Session $120

3 x Sessions $315 ($105 each) to be used within 3 months

6 x Sessions $540 ($90 each) to be used within 6 months


Emailed Tarot Readings
10 minute digital recording 

Send $20 to the PayPal Me button below

enter your nominated email in the notes section

Tarot readings can be incredibly useful in providing clarity on situations we are finding confusing or challenging.  Lauren draws upon the meaning of the cards and her own intuition to bring through guidance and confirmations regarding love, health, career, finances or growth. These readings can highlight possible actions or strategies that may be needed to move forward for your highest good.


Lauren will record the reading and send a digital voice recording file via the email you provide within 48 hours.

Etheric Tide

           Lauren Sietzema

           Psychic Medium

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