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Even if you have never picked up a Tarot Deck, this

is for those who want to connect to spirit and their

intuition through the ancient divination tool; The Tarot. 


During the workshop I will help you discover your natural intuitive

gifts to interpret the signs and symbols within the Tarot cards, rather

than use the exact meanings from the book (Little rebels). I find this

method less intimidating for those new to energy work and tarot reading,

allowing you to develop your own personal meaning behind the cards.


This workshop will provide the skills and knowledge for those seeking to use

The Tarot for intuitive guidance, self empowerment or as the groundwork for those

intending to read The Tarot for others professionally. 


So join me for a day of cheeky fun, get your cards and LET’S PLAY SOME TAROT!!!

Date: Saturday 27th of April

Time: 10-2pm

Price: $100 (with tarot cards $130)

Location: Inner North Side Location (TBD)

Once your booking is made you will be sent a follow up email with more information. All bookings must be paid up front and in full within 48 hours of the workshop. Any cancellations must also be within 48 hours of the workshop otherwise no refund will be given. Special consideration will be given in the event you test positive for Covid or are exhibiting covid symptoms. 



Etheric Tide

           Lauren Sietzema

           Psychic Medium

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