According to the laws of this state, territory or country, any readings or sessions held are for entertainment purposes only. Any insights, information or advice exchanged within sessions are suggestions only and you must use your own personal judgment as to whether the advice is right for you. Any subsequent actions you may take are your choice and responsibility. Any business, health, finance, or legal advice given are again complimentary suggestions and are in no way a replacement of qualified professional advice. Always consider the information presented to you and if it is appropriate for your personal situation and you are encouraged to consult with the appropriate professional entities accordingly.



For legal purposes, all sessions, readings, healing, answers or teachings given by the psychic/medium are for entertainment purposes only and do not replace qualified professional advice. etherictide.com.au does not permit the use of any services provided to those who reside in countries, state or province where these services are illegal.



All material posted here are copyrighted intellectual property. All rights of usage of any of these materials are owned and controlled by etherictide.com.au and Lauren Sietzema.



The psychic/medium reserves the right to make any changes to the website without warning and your continued use of this website etherictide.com.au means you accept those changes.



This psychic/medium operates within the privacy act, where any identifiable information will remain confidential. Your information will not be used for any other purpose other than for the purposes of booking, for what you have given explicit permission for or when a life-threatening situation occurs.



This psychic/medium will operate all dealings with their client/s with the utmost honesty and respect for the client, spirit and themselves. They will to the best of their ability, relay any information or insights, honestly, ethically and with respect to the client’s wishes.



The psychic/medium will interpret the information to the best of their ability, however there is always the possibility of misinterpretation, therefore any information, messages or advice that comes through are suggestions only, you must consider if these are right for you before taking any action. It is this psychic/mediums objective to give you the best advice they can, if they feel they can not provide this they may suggest another professional, psychic, medium, healer or practitioner. In this case it must be made clear that the psychic/medium will receive no monies, gifts or associated rewards for doing so.



The psychic/medium is not a qualified medical practitioner, therefore any advice or healing administered is suggestive or complimentary only and is not to be considered as a replacement for professional medical advice or treatment. Any actions taken in regards to medical advice are the soul responsibility of the client.



The psychic/medium makes no guarantees or promises that they will heal you, tell you your future, or bring through a specific loved one.



Any information about this psychic/medium provided on this website, in person or in promotion or marketing that is written on behalf of the psychic/medium is to the best of their knowledge a genuine representation of their skills and abilities.



The psychic/medium will not read for people under the age of 18. If there is a child under the age of 18 that wishes to have a reading they must be accompanied by a legal parent or guardian. The psychic/medium will also not conduct readings on people other than yourself as this violates their privacy.



The psychic/medium reserves the right to refuse any question they feel is unethical, breaks the code of conduct stated in this statement or breaks the law. The refusal of any person or persons requesting a reading or any termination of a reading is at psychic/mediums discretion according to the above code of ethics.



All bookings are to be prepaid before attending the sessions and must be made through this website in accordance with the booking terms and conditions. Readings or sessions can be booked up until 48 hours before the scheduled session. Any changes to your booking must have at least 24 hours notice; otherwise you will incur a rebooking fee.



If you need to cancel your reading for any reason it must be done so up to 24 hours before the session of reading otherwise you forfeit your payment for the reading/session.



If you do not answer any call or show up for any session, program, course or event no refunds will be given.

If within the first 5 minutes of a reading you feel any concerns about the reading it is your responsibility to inform the psychic/medium and they will clarify any concerns you may have.

If for any reason the psychic/medium needs to cancel a reading or session,  a full refund will be returned or transferred to an identical reading at a later time.


All prices are in AUSTRALIAN DOLLARS (AUD) and can change at any time. The psychic/medium has the right to make changes to their prices including specials and changes to costs of labour or products. When the session/reading/course/event is booked, the price stated will be the agreed upon price and no extra charges will be added.

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