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Starting out as a tarot reader can be daunting when we are first learning the meanings behind the cards in conjunction with our own intuition. You might notice that different aspects of meaning within individual cards change when in relation to cards around them and their position within the spread.

During my time reading the tarot, when it comes to love readings there are particular cards that on their own could have one meaning but when paired with one or more other cards paint a central theme.

I’ve selected a few groupings of these cards that I have found turn up together regularly that indicate to me a theme around love and relationships including, commitment, toxic behaviours, sexual, self love or soul and karmic connections.

These groups of cards that indicate such themes are not always limited to these specific cards and can vary from reader to reader. As you develop your own relationship with your deck you develop your own intrinsic meaning behind each card.

This grouping of cards are around COMMITMENT

The following group of cards tend to show up during a love reading when commitment, marriage, taking things to the next level within a relationship which includes a proposal, moving in together or children.

2 OF CUPS: This is a union between two people who are equal and balanced.

10 OF PENTACLES: Represents family and home stability

THE HIEROPHANT: Commitment and marriage

KNIGHT OF CUPS: Someone offering you a declaration of love

10 OF CUPS: Emotional wish fulfilment within the family structure and however way that looks for you.

ACE OF PENTACLES: An offering of real, stable commitment like a ring or a key to a house.

This grouping of cards are around SEX AND DESIRE

The following group of cards tend to show up during a love reading when sex or a the physical plays a big role in the nature of this relationship. Depending on the positioning of other cards these could be toxic or healthy.

THE LOVERS: In this context the lovers indicates passion and desire for another

ACE OF WANDS: You can’t help but notice the phallic nature of the ace of wands it essentially is stick of passion and desire and usually indicates a relationship that is intensely physical.

KNIGHT OF WANDS: The Knight of Wands in the context of a love reading and particularly with these other cards can indicate a “player” energy or someone whose intentions may be very sexually focused.

THE DEVIL: In this context it could mean addiction, desire, attachment trauma or unhealthy patterns of behaviour around sex.

Todays grouping of cards are around HEARTBREAK AND DECEPTION

The following group of cards tend to show up during a love reading when a relationship has ended, previous heartbreaks are influencing the current situation or there has been deception or toxic patterns of behaviour playing out in the relationship.

5 OF PENTACLES: Within the context of a love reading this is usually where one or both of the couple feels rejected or “left out in the cold”

3 OF SWORDS: This is an indication of heartbreak, a break up or when a lover has caused a wound.

7 OF SWORDS: This could be an indication of lies, selfishness, manipulation or deception within the relationship.

8 OF CUPS: This card is very clear within its imagery as a person who is walking away. This is walking away from something we love or once loved perhaps a relationship has ended or we are contemplating ending it.

3 OF CUPS: Normally the 3 of cups is that of celebration however if you find it shows up with some of the other cards here it could indicate triangulation or third party situations. This doesn’t always necessarily mean infidelity but it’s where an outside influence is affecting the stability of the relationship.

This grouping of cards are around SELF LOVE AND INDEPENDENCE

The following group of cards tend to show up during a love reading when there is a strong need or presence of emotional freedom within living a single life. Finding love within the self rather than through another person. It also has strong themes of self-healing.

9 OF PENTACLES: This is my single lady card. Independence but also interdependence. It’s a place of being satisfied where we are. We are happy to fulfil our own self love but are open to ask for it in others too.

THE STAR: Similar to the 9 of pentacles this is a very independent card. This is where we are pouring self love and healing into ourselves.

ACE OF CUPS: The Ace of Cups represents our own cup of love overflowing and replenished.

9 OF CUPS: This is where we are satisfied with fulfilling our own emotional wish fulfilment. We have all we need to accomplish our desires. All we need to take that next step to the 10 of Cups is for someone to offer their overflowing full cup to us.

This grouping of cards are around SOUL CONNECTIONS OR KARMIC PARTNERS

The following group of cards tend to show up during a love reading when you are dealing with a significant soul connections. These go by different names, soul mate, twin flame, karmic partner. Essentially it means that this is a significant love connection that is providing us with an important life lesson.

2 OF CUPS: If the 2 of Cups shows up with some of these other cards together it can be an indication of a soul connection.

THE EMPRESS: Depending upon your personal beliefs the Empress can be representative of the Divine Feminine within a relationship of a soul connection.

THE EMPEROR: The Emperor represents the Divine masculine within a relationship. Keep in mind that this doesn’t necessarily mean a male as in all kinds of relationships one person embodies the feminine and the other masculine.

4 OF WANDS: The 4 of Wands is also known as the 11:11 card associated with twin flame or other significant soul connections. You can see that there is a couple that is together in union on the other side of the opening.

6 OF CUPS: This can sometimes indicate someone we have known in a past life or someone from our past that we are reminiscing about.

THE LOVERS: Similar to the 2 of Cups in the sense that we have two souls that are coming together in love and desire.

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