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channeled paintings

Hope and Possibility

This painting was created during a meditative state where I connected with my higher self. My intention was to intuitively create the painting with the resulting image evoking a particular emotion, insights or guidance passed along from spirit. I noticed whilst creating the painting I was able to use both hands with equal ease and was surprised at my initial colour choices – Pink was my base colour which for me signifies a foundation of love. The purples I feel are connected to intuition, the lighter blue creativity and the dark blue connects communication and action.


I’ve given the painting the title of Hope and Possibility however it will suggest different emotions and meaning for everyone. For me when I look at this painting it feels like I’m inside a beautiful cave full of colourful geodes, my eye was drawn to the pink triangle at the bottom that gives the impression of a small opening to a lit room just beyond this one. To me this painting gives me a feeling of hopeful prospects, that with courage to step deeper into the cave and explore there are even more incredible things waiting for you. It is a positive image it reminds you to access your flow and appreciate the beauty of the here and now while striving for a better future.


Love and Light


Etheric Tide

           Lauren Sietzema

           Psychic Medium

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