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I currently offer 30 and 60 minute or emailed psychic and mediumship readings. During these readings I may use multiple tools and techniques to connect and bring forth messages from spirit. This can include but not limited to connecting and communicating with spirit guides or passed loved ones, tarot, psychometry, divination, chakra balancing, cutting etheric cords, healing or shifting blocks, channeled writing and aura reading.

Readings are tailored intuitively to your individual needs to give you the best outcome for what you require right now to move forward. I may bring through guidance and insight for certain areas of your life including, love and relationships, home and family, health and wellness, finances, career and spiritual development. Your guides and loved ones may also highlight possible outcomes, ideas, opportunities and actions you can take in order to learn, grow or make decisions. My intention is to help you feel as though your life is aligned with your personal and spiritual values, that you are reconnected with your purpose and passion and most importantly discover your own personal power over your life with love and joy.



My availability can vary from week to week. You can review my availability for the coming weeks by going bookings and selecting your preferred service which will bring up a calendar with the available session time slots.


PHONE: You will be contacted by phone at the time of your scheduled reading.

ONLINE: Online readings are completed via Zoom Meetings, where you are sent a link connecting you to the session. (Zoom does not require downloading additional software or signing up.) This is a video conference that uses data so your device needs a camera, speaker and internet connection.

IN PERSON: People who live close to Coopers Plains, Brisbane can book a face to face reading. You will be contacted by phone or email to discuss details and location.

INVESTMENT: $70 for 30 minutes $120 for 60 minutes


- Click the bookings button below

- Book the reading of your choice (ONLINE, PHONE or IN PERSON on request),

- Select the date and time

- Pay safely through PayPal.

- You will be sent an email confirming your payment and the details of the reading..


If you require any more information about me or my services please feel free to contact me via the contact button below or email


I will tune into your energy and call upon my guides or yours as well as loved ones to help in matters that spirit feels is of the most help to you at this time.

I will pass on any messages from spirit or loved ones as honestly as I receive it, without bias or judgement.  Messages and insights are given with the intention of love, respect and growth for all involved.


I will continue to develop and maintain a strong and clear connection with spirit that will ensure that your experience is operating within the highest of my abilities.


I will not give you the lottery numbers or any answer in relation to gambling. I am not a 'fortune teller' in the sense that I promise to reveal your future, however can highlight possible truths or paths that may be available to you with the correct choices and actions on your behalf.


I will not answer any questions about another person/s unless the answer has a direct impact on the sitter, as I find it to be a violation of their personal rights.


It is expected that you enter a reading with an open mind. In regards to psychic readings you may wish to prepare some questions or subjects you wish to discuss or need guidance on, otherwise be open to what you may need to know right now. When it comes to mediumship readings, it is best to give as little information as possible in order to benefit from any evidence or messages that come through from guides or loved ones.


In face to face readings you can bring items that belonged to the deceased as personal jewellery or trinkets the person wore or used will help the connection process. Photos can help as well but best to not show the photos until after the connection is made to ensure an unbiased and authentic experience.


In regards to wanting to connect to specific passed loved ones I can not guarantee connection, nor can I control the information that is brought forward. Please be open to whoever and what ever comes through as they may have important messages for you at this time.


It is important to remember that anything that is brought through during a reading are interpretations only and it is your responsibility as the sitter to decide if the advice and insights are right for you.


It can take time for insights and advice to play out in your life, this is why individual readings are limited to once every 3 months. If I feel that you are not committed to acting upon these intentions I reserve the right to forgo any requested readings until I feel you are ready.

For more details on my code of ethics and T&C's please click the Terms & Conditions link below.

Etheric Tide

           Lauren Sietzema

           Psychic Medium

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