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Updated: Nov 26, 2023

We can all agree that consciousness exists within living beings, however the nature of what consciousness actually is & how it relates to the physical body, mainly the brain has been a source of debate between philosophers & spiritualists alike for years.

The fundamental theories are Physicalism & Dualism. Physicalism is the belief that consciousness occurs entirely within the brain & dualism suggests that the mind & body are mutually exclusive. It postulates that mental phenomena in a sense is non-physical.

I believe that consciousness exists simultaneously within & outside of the physical body. What we think is consciousness is actually a physical experience; the way we interact and interpret signals through our body and then understood by the brain creating either a physical or emotional reaction based on inductive reasoning. There is an additional governing essence coming from a place that enters the realm of the metaphysical; not bound by the ‘rules’ of physical interaction. True consciousness I believe is the bridge between our soul body & our physical body (not just the brain) and is able to interact with & influence both states.

I have come to believe this because of what truly drives us as humans; our ideas, goals dreams & belief systems. The place these come from is an inner experience not a physical one. The brain interprets the world however it makes a second reference to an original source that is intangible and unsubstantiated.

If consciousness is performing within a realm that is non-physical can we assume that it exists within the same space as where all consciousness resides; outside of time, space and physical reality. This would mean that our consciousness has the ability to interact with any consciousness that exists within the universe. This can explain some of the spiritual phenomena that psychics, mediums & other intuitive people experience.

What if there is a way in which we could adjust our consciousness to interact with the universe & our reality in a different way. Perhaps adjusting our perception of reality effectively creating different truths. This may be something that we do already. Do we not reach certain states of consciousness through deep meditation, like peace, focus, channel and dream states. All of these ‘states’ yes have a physical reaction but to achieve these states you are using a part of yourself that is not physical however can have a profound influence on the physical body.

As a fun experiment, you could try making the intention to reach different conscious states when meditating or in everyday life to see how it is that you are actually achieving this. Be aware of what your body, thoughts & overall being is doing & what ‘state’ it is in right now and see if you can adjust it. Becoming aware of your whole self in this way could be the key to manipulating and adjusting your perception of happiness and joy within your life and effectively transforming your reality into what you want it to look like.

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