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As I sit with spirit today I ask to communicate with my guides, angels and ascended masters bringing forth knowledge and wisdom you have about the universe ourselves and our connectivity to it

What’s does connected mean?

How are we connected?

What does this achieve?

You are all a divine being therefore all connected to the same diving light, for you are a small piece of it; a tiny little flicker of dust that has the power of a nuclear explosion, ready to plant the seed of love knowledge and growth wherever you are. We are all little seeds that have been planted and slowly grown in to the earth drawing nourishment. We are at the same time living on the sunshine we come from. Above all comes from the same place all receives the same love and energy from above… and all are connected from below with our small roots reaching out to one another..

We are all physically connected as we are at the base made of the same thing… we are the same thing… but different parts of it performing personal functions and gathering information about the world around us. Ultimately you are here to love, learn and grow, bringing you closer to the connection to all.

What you can do to bring yourself closer to this connectedness is to first admit and realise that you are, that there is no difference, there is no way that something is worth more or less than you; man, woman, child, rock, creature and plant is in fact all the same. This can be hard to understand as this is the tiny perception of a human; we are better we are not the same as a rock but the realization is that all things have come from the same place and are at one with each other, you will start to grasp the power and amazing connection we have with all things. In this emotion is the understanding that we matter because we are all one thing. We can use this feeling to connect and bring this into our human experience finding a way to connect all of the things we interact with and bring others together.

Love & Light


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