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As I connect with spirit today, I ask for messages of wisdom and guidance regarding fulfilment, what does is mean and how it is obtained.

As I blend with spirit I have connected with the energy and

love of Archangel Raphael, my teacher guide and joy guide.


Fulfilment is the obtainment of pure love and joy!

It is the moment when the abundance of your life and the things in it are so much that you can not do anything but share it with other people.

It is present in all things, in nature, your food your water and your relationships with other people.

To obtain fulfilment is to obtain joy… to find the purpose of one’s journey… the pure contentment that the things you do, say and possess have meaning.

You may find that it is a struggle to define what fulfilment really is, for it is different for all. The best way that I can convey is that it is the finding of one’s self… to realise that the life you have made is exactly as your soul intends. To have received the love and joy of learning new things, to know that you have pushed yourself beyond what you dreamt you were capable of and triumphed over the adversity of the things that you have experienced finding peace within it.


All will be well when you discover fulfilment. It is as if… all at once you are acknowledging the universe, completely aware of its entirety and your connection to it, therefore you never feel alone. You have the overwhelming sense of being connected to all things and how important you are to it. To know that all you have achieved in this life is because you chose it… you committed to it… and you deserve the success from those actions.

Fulfilment comes from within… though many tend to search without. It comes from the gratitude of knowing that spirit and those around you love you. Being grateful for the many miracles that abound the world. It blossoms from knowing you have made the world better by being in it and that you have done a good job alone the way.

You are living a life committed to joy for you and for others so that you may move forward knowing you do everything within your power to spread love, joy and positivity.

I want to take you back to when you were a child-like spirit. When you would have felt an overwhelming sense of fulfilment when completing something that you were proud of. Something that you created, loved and cared for has brought about joy for you and for others. This is the essence of what you should carry with you through life and eternity.


You are moving toward fulfilment everyday… do not be confused that it is something that is achieved all at once like winning the lottery. You will pick up pieces of fulfilment every day like picking up beautiful seashells at the beach. Each one will make you smile as you place it in your bag to look back on and smile at again at a later date.

It can not be found by something purely being given to you, but by discovering for one’s self, by following a path that is driven by your own pure desire to learn, grow and of course love the world around you. It's by realising your impact on every single living thing and using this power to create a world that is more beautiful.

Take stock of what you have… find gratitude within it… and work toward how you can make it better for others and yourself.

You are just scratching the surface of what the universe has to reveal to you. Fulfilment will be an ever-lasting attainment. For the capacity of our vessel for love is infinite therefore so is fulfilment. It is not something that can be completely filled… and there you are done! You are finished! You are fulfilled! You will always move towards more and more goals and dreams. That is what we want for you... your dreams. Please continue to dream, please continue to find one more thing that will bring joy to you and others for that is fulfilment within itself.


I’ll admit, defining and understanding what fulfilment is in one sitting is a tall order. The more I sat with the idea of it the more that I came to realise the complexity and levels to this subject. There is a lot to unpack in the message I received. It talks about fulfilment of the day-to-day like food, water, physical nourishment, desires and giving and receiving kindness. It also broaches on the subject of the fulfilment of the soul, the eternity of our soul and purpose.

What I take from this is that fulfilment is a constant fluctuating state of being where we cycle through different states of dreaming and obtaining. This means that dreaming is an integral part of our experience and is the first step to acquiring fulfilment. The more you dream the more there is to experience. I don’t think there is a set rule of what equals fulfilment for an individual when it comes to purpose, it can only be derived from carrying out the pure intentions of your soul, all that is required of you is to ask ‘what if?’

Love and Light


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