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Updated: Dec 14, 2020

Abundance starts from within not without.

There are many outward manifestations of abundance like money, success, friends, partners, family, assets or feelings like joy, love, pleasure… none of these concepts are wrong. However, in order to receive real abundance we first must let go of the belief of what others think represent abundance & consider what abundance means for you.

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t want or deserve to have any version of abundance, far from it! You deserve as much family, friends, money, love & objects… only if it makes you truly happy.

Life is exclusively being created by your every thought, perception, emotion & action. When we embody the essence of abundance then abundance is there. Let’s face it; being a spiritual soul you already are the embodiment of love, therefore have endless abundance of love. Accept that… you deserve that.

Your outward abundance must mirror your true pure version of your inner abundance; otherwise nothing in your life will hold value. Some may say that having millions of dollars is abundance (and there is nothing wrong or shameful for wanting or enjoying money) If your inner intention of having money did not come from a place of pure abundance (ie love for yourself and others) but to seek approval, to impress, to achieve something someone else thinks you should have to have value in this world, you don’t actually have abundance. In fact, it shows that there is a lack of abundance of worth & value within yourself.

Take time to connect to what your inner abundance needs to be. Feel worthy of having your personal abundance & let go of what others believe abundance should look and feel like.

I’m sure we can agree that abundance is about adding good things to your life. So look at your life and be honest with yourself. What things are adding & what things are taking away? Find your own inner personal version of abundance. An inner abundance for me is the thought that there is no end to the things that I can learn, learning is infinite therefore my knowledge is abundant. Knowing that, I can take actions that allow myself to learn and be taught from others creating outward abundance. You might discover that abundance is joyful interaction with authentic people that value you. You will then be able to see who in your life is not doing that & let them go.

Basically this is the law of attraction. By telling the universe this is what I want in order to feel real abundance, & your intention comes from a place of love for yourself and for others… your perspective will change. You will make decisions based on what your real version of abundance is. You will say no to the things that go against it and yes to what reflects it. Soon you will surround yourself with people & things that reflect your inner abundance. The possibilities are endless!

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