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Updated: Dec 14, 2020

This is the time of year where we start to think about our goals for the New Year & reflect upon the goals we haven’t accomplished this year. We proclaim resolutions like losing weight, more self-care, better relationships, career, travel, & paying off debt. We are searching for a clean slate & a chance to make significant changes that will hopefully bring us closer to a happier, healthier life. A common occurrence is making a promise to yourself that something will change however the goal is not always fully realised; perhaps we fall back into old habits or patterns of behaviour & subsequently we harbour guilt. Sound familiar?

In order to have a true ‘new beginning’ we first must have a true end; an end to the things that don’t serve our best interest or is aligned with our goals, values or hopes. If we don’t let go of the reason behind us wanting to make the change in the first place, how can we ever truly have a chance to transform?

One way to help let go of the things that are holding us back is to cut unhealthy etheric cords. These are energetic tethers to a person, memory or belief that have the ability to exchange energy. A healthy cord, like the connection in a happy relationship, is a source of high frequency energy making us feel rejuvenated & balanced. An unhealthy cord can leave you feeling drained, stressed, depressed or fearful.

Cord Cutting Ritual

- First create a sacred space. Find a quiet room or space with a comfy chair, where you will not be disturbed (make sure to turn off that phone!). The space needs to feel comfortable, clean and calm. You can add items that make you happy like a candle, incense, crystals, art, trinkets or plants.

- Once seated close your eyes & focus on taking deep breaths & relaxing your body. Get into your heart space by shifting your focus from your head to your heart.

- When relaxed invite spirit to help you with the following intention:

“My intention is for my spirit guides & angels to help me cut & release any attached etheric cords that are unhealthy & no longer serving my highest good. Any cord attached to a person, belief, memory or environment that is not aligned with my inner values, let it be released, & protect me from any future unhealthy attachments. Thank you.”

- In order to help the process, you can visualize the cord being cut.

- You can write the intention out before hand and customize it anyway you like.

Whenever something is not working, doesn’t feel right or aligned with your inner self, you can always repeat this ritual. We are all an ongoing project; there will be many ends & new beginnings!

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