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Updated: Dec 14, 2020

There are many ways in which we can be generous, with our actions, words, gift giving, money or even knowledge. It is when you have so much abundance within your own life that it overflows to others. At the core of this I feel to be truly generous is to be generous with your love. Love for others and love for yourself.

I think that there is confusion as to what generosity looks and feels like. That the act of just giving is enough to be generous, however I propose that it’s the intention behind that giving that matters most. Therefore to be truly generous is to give unconditionally.

I also feel that there in a misconception that you need to have large sums of money, assets, resources or time in order to be generous. Additionally there is a belief that the more money or physical things you give, the more generous you are. For example there are many large companies that give millions to charity every year. You could argue that their intentions are completely altruistic and they are just giving because they want to help, and some do, however this also could be just for tax purposes. This is not to take away from the good that this money can do for the charities it is given to. The point I am trying to make is; are they more or less generous than someone with no money who volunteers in their spare time to personally help those who need it.

We need to switch our thinking about how we view what is considered generous, and the value we place upon those who are openly generous with their love. If what you are giving is love, than this is an abundant and infinite resource at your disposal. A resource very effective and powerful in nature, and can be given even when you perceivably have nothing else.

I think in order to maintain an abundance of love to provide generosity; we first must start from a place of gratitude.

When you are grateful, for your life and the people in it, you create an abundance of love and appreciation; therefore inadvertently share your appreciation with those around you.

Show your gratitude by being kind with your words to others, listen to them, and hold space to support them. Spend quality time with those around you and be vulnerable by showing your whole authentic self.

Help make life easier for others when you notice someone is struggling. Do so with the intention of having a genuine exchange of gratitude, rather than expecting something in return. By truly giving generously you are openly showing someone close or even a stranger they have value and you believe that in essence all people deserve love.

Be generous with your whole self. Be kind to yourself and others. By being vulnerable, open, honest and supportive of others, you are giving a special gift that is irreplaceable.

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