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Updated: Dec 14, 2020

I believe that there is duality of energy playing out in harmony within the universe, which we all can embody. In various cultures these have been known as divine masculine & feminine, yin & yang or god & goddess. You could say these have been physically manifested within men & women, however I don’t believe these energies are innately feminine or masculine in the way we classify gender, but rather polar vibrations that both genders can personify. The essence of femininity & masculinity originate from the same source. There is the creation of life itself, then the balancing manifestations & representations of that life through various opposing frequencies.

There are certain traits that have been naturally established due to biological differences. Women provide birth, nurture & creativity and men strength, protection & action, none of which are the true essence of femininity or masculinity. Feminine & masculine are also social constructs created to normalise gender. These manipulations and unhealthy beliefs have tipped the scales creating inequality, friction, oppression, confusion and dissention amongst the sexes.

As we spiritually evolve we are moving closer to our original soul, (which is neither male or female) so rather than seeking polarisation & categorisation, we should reunite ourselves as a divine whole once more.

So how does knowing this help us access our ‘true feminine essence’?

Because defined ideas of femininity have become so prevalent in our identity, we are forced to either rebel against what we think is feminine or embrace certain qualities to appear more attractive or accepted. This blocks our ability to channel our true feminine essence allowing it to manifest individually.

The first step to a healthy feminine essence is to examine some of your learned beliefs & behaviours about gender and how they limit your ability to channel your own unique version of yin & yang.

1. Ask yourself:

Do I feel balanced?

Am I aligned with the intentions of my soul?

What thoughts, beliefs or emotions do I have about gender?

What behaviours do I perform to appear more or less feminine for the approval of others?

2. Setting aside limiting beliefs around gender, you can now access and embody healthy feminine energies. Meditate and connect to your higher self with the intention to learn what denotes feminine essence for you.

3. You can invite your personal feminine essence to manifest naturally within your life in a balanced and healthy way through thought & action.

Our personal yin & yang energy needs to be in balance. All genders can embody these opposing qualities fluctuating over a lifetime. Men & women alike should be able to embody either side of their duality in whatever capacity that feels true and right for them without the pressure of gender identity. By letting go of what we feel is intrinsically male or female, we are open to channel the true essence of these vibrations removing the stigma of what qualities one must embody to connect with the world.

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