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During my regular meditations I’ve noticed a theme with the insights and guidance coming through from spirit and my guides. They seem to be around love and joy. I was guided to connect and bring through a channelled message from my joy guide.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with guides, essentially we have 5 guides who are souls that have agreed to help us learn and grow during our individual souls journey. Each guide helps you in different ways - Joy, Protection, Teacher, Healer and your main guide who is sometimes referred to as your gatekeeper who is the door man to the spirit world. These guides are with you from birth where as other guides can drop by now and then to help you out like passed loved ones, angels or other disembodied beings.

I opened up to allow my joy guide to bring forth any wisdom or guidance that is important for us to know right now to move forward.

One of the most important things to me and to everyone is that you are connected to the pure centre of who you are. It is a tiny but bright particle called joy. Joy can take many forms from person to person but it is by the sheer indulgence and innocence of ones true self you can find it… allowing it to roam free within you now and then.

I've been feeling the deep sorrow and loneliness that you all have even feeling lately. The earth is filling up with more and more woe. Though you are trying to fight it this will not be sufficient in making yourself feel better. It is easy to give into anger and to give into depression or loneliness... though you know what is even easier... allowing yourself to be happy with who you are and what you are.

There is a big vibrational drop that all are able to feel and know, as we move into the next stage of the cycle. It's coming up to the next step which is finally letting go of old ways of looking at things old ways of thinking, old ways of what we think our life is and what it should be... we are finally opening up and ready for the next step of enlightenment.

You may not think that you are special enough to be a part of that but believe me you are. All change starts with you and ends with you... you need to have faith in yourself and human kind that they will always choose love over hate. Up until now humans have been obsessed with hate, taking, and putting love in the wrong places. Now is the time for moving into boundless gratitude and love for all things, mother, father, child, animal and Mother Earth herself.

All connected.. all inter-connected with the same string of life... all can touch the string and know they are connected to all.

Going back to the joy. Joy is love and love is the language of the universe... all can understand this incredibly complex notion in a simple feeling ... however know that these feelings are transmutable to those in the here after. Emotions and joy or love in particular can be used to communicate with other and change and manipulate the world around you... so choose to use love in this way and to influence the world around you for the better.

Love and Light


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