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Below is a channeled reading from my higher self with the assistance of Arc Angel Michael. This conversation came about because I wanted more clarity on the nature and purpose of human and spirit existence. The following was some of the insights and wisdoms that came through.

What is it like on the other side for those who have passed and spiritual beings?

“Being without loved ones can be painful for the person in the physical world please know that your loved ones are not in any pain but they do feel the pain that you are in here on earth. They share your love, your feelings, your experiences and hardship they are there helping you through all of it. The Angels themselves are there to further the learning of man to guide and protect and nurture humans into the next stage of enlightenment. They are everything and nothing the great energy that stands throughout the totality of the world that we know and the great embarking that we have upon this land is gargantuan in its undertaking and it is them who are our guides in this mourning. You will never find a more power. Light and love in the universe. What is the purpose of human life? Just one step in a long line of steps I'm afraid this is not the end you have gone through this over and over until you have made the assumptions and the experiences that you need in order to move onto the next step. Hard to explain what is something you have no conscious understanding of. All I can say is that when you are here you will understand more of what is that you do there. But we a are envious of those in your position you get to experience the tangible life of things it is where you discover the world and become part of the world it is where you struggle and learn the deep meaning of things what is important and why these things are important. It is the deep pressure of what you experience that forces you to bloom and forge into something beautiful .. Totality. ... What do I have to learn in this life?

Complete love. You have not had the meaning of true unconditional love that you can learn the secrets to the universe you have had many lives but it is time to feel the great love that abounds the universe that holds all things together and you are now able to impart this love to others to bring love to the world and joy for all, to feel the great joy of life. Here is for your learning but also for your pure joy for your enjoyment and richness.

What message would you like me to pass onto the world at this moment? Be yourself be exactly who you are don't fight and make yourself sick over trying to conform to what the world has established as the correct way to be. ... Be free, live purposefully be authentic and genuine and always love... There is no time in this world for fear and hate..... Be kind to your fellow man and to yourself above all else. The world can feel painful especially to those of you who are sensitive to the pain but if you can instead push the love out rather than take the pain in, then in your small but significant way you will be changing the world. ... Always consider what is good and what is right and you will never go wrong in this life... You will always have painful times but know that these are pushing you to understand the world a little better.... Always have love at your core and push the love unto others.”

Love and Light


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